Ava never expected to land her dream job, or what she might have to do to keep it…

Getting your dream job straight out of uni should have seemed too good to be true, and when Ava’s landlord nearly doubled her rent, she figured her dream might be over. As she finds herself unable to afford anything in the city, she’s left with very few options, and no family to turn to.

The one person she does have is her best friend, who recently moved to a new building that just happens to have shockingly low rent.

But she warns Ava away from staying there.

Ava has no other options, however. Surely her friend is just being overprotective, and there’s nothing to worry about. There’s definitely no reason for her to be concerned that her friend never comes out in sunlight any more, or by the fact that everyone in the building has deep red eyes, or the strange dreams that Ava can’t quite remember…

Surely that’s nothing to worry about… Right?

It only takes one night for the world to turn on its head…

Finishing my second degree was supposed to be a quiet time of wrapping up my academic work and maybe making a friend or two before everyone left town. That was before the monsters starting attacking.

I’ve always ignored the strange occurrences that tend to happen around me, but now these creatures are hunting me, and everything I touch is erupting into flame, and all I’ve got to help is a guy I barely know, his reclusive sister, an invitation to train with a secretive magical faction, and a strange necklace that apparently belongs to the magical world’s most wanted…

I’m not used to trusting anyone else, but as monsters close in, I don’t think I have a choice.

Ancient curses. Blocked memories. And an Academy for young witches that might just hold the answers.

I should have known something was wrong when my weird aunt arrived in town just as I started getting killer headaches.

But how was I supposed to know that it was a sign of repressed magic?

Or that an ancient witch had escaped her tomb and sent demons after me?

Demons who cursed my mother.

I wanted to stay with her, even if she wouldn’t wake, but I was sent to Ember Academy for Young Witches instead. Somewhere the demons hopefully can’t get me.

I need to find a way to lift the curse, but there’s a block on both my magic and memories that everyone is refusing to lift.

A block that might hold the answers as to why an ancient witch is after me in the first place.

If I can figure her out, maybe I can figure out this curse.

My teachers don’t want me digging into it, worried about the danger.

But I don’t care.

My mother was cursed because of me, and I’m not going to rest until she’s safe again.

Post-grad might have been a little late for starting my magical education, but I was determined to prove myself. No matter the cost.

I don’t know if they thought they were protecting me, or if they just never thought that they belonged, but my parents always kept me at the edges of the magical community, not letting me access my magic until I turned twenty-one.

Now I only have one chance – my post-grad course at Ember Academy for Magical Beings – to prove that I’m enough of a dragon to truly belong, even if my old friend/crush who I thought would help me get used to this new world is ignoring me, my one fellow dragon classmate seems to think I’m beneath him, and my mermaid roommate wants me gone as fast as possible.

Learning enough in one year to prove myself isn’t going to be easy, but ever since my initiation, I’ve started dreaming of a man claiming to be a Great Dragon, who can teach me and lend me his power.

I’m not sure that I can trust him, or if he’s even real, but can I really prove myself without his help?

Caroline doesn’t remember her crime.

One moment, she’s a Lady of the Demon Court.

The next, she’s sent to Earth as punishment.

Her task? Keep the humans from learning about magic at all costs. Even if it means doing the one thing she’s worst at – dealing with other people.

Detective Mina Sharma is determined to prove herself.

Her new promotion is the one thing going right in her life as a newly-divorced single mother, and she’s not going to let anything stop her from solving her first case.

Not even the aloof and enigmatic blonde with crimson eyes telling her to drop it if she values her life.

Especially not when this Caroline is just as much of a puzzle to solve as the case itself.

And Mina has always loved puzzles.

Freya has been alone as long as she can remember.

Always moving from foster home to foster home, never finding a permanent family.

With her mother dead and no leads on her father, the first clue to her heritage comes in the most unlikely form.

An outburst of impossible magic, and the appearance of a ghostly guardian Freya’s mother tasked with watching over her.

With her newfound abilities, finding her father should finally be within Freya’s reach, but her new guardian cautions restraint.

Freya still doesn’t understand the magical world, she claims, or its dangers.

If Freya wants the truth, it may mean going it alone once more.

And putting her guardian’s warnings to the test.

Claire was used to having no-one.

But when monsters from beyond the wastelands attack her on a school trip, she’s saved by one of the Aspects – an elite team of heroes tasked with keeping the city safe with their emotion-based powers.

Claire’s connection to the Aspect of Hate is beyond anything she’s ever felt before, but Hate isn’t supposed to get close to anyone, lest her powers falter.

That might not have been enough to keep the two girls apart, but when the Aspect of Love dies and Claire is chosen as her successor, the situation only gets deadlier.

If opposite Aspects get too close, their powers cancel each other out.

And the Aspects wind up as monster chow.

But without a source of love to draw on, Claire’s powers won’t work at all.

And she’s as good as dead.

They’ll have to decide if they risk their fates together, or if Claire’s in this alone.

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