Last Chance to Get 20 Urban Fantasy Academy Books

A collection of authors have put together a pack of Academy books that is only available until Friday!

So, I've got a new series coming out...

So, a long while ago now, I decided that “Twilight but with lesbians” sounded like a fun place to approach the next Snowverse series from.

As my Patreon supporters know (as I gave them the unfinished draft), I actually got about halfway through writing that book.

But then I really got into reading Academy books.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that my top recommendation for vampire stories in the heyday of Twilight was actually Vampire Knight, an anime/manga about a boarding school with a day class for humans and a night class for vampires.

And since then, I really enjoyed the Vampire Academy film, and I’m watching Legacies every week.

So, taking the story back to the drawing board and rewriting it as an Academy series made sense.

Which is what I did.

I like the new series better than the old series I had outlined. The Academy environment has given me room for more characters and plots that would have been constrained in a classic “hiding magic from humans” series set in a city.

So, I’m excited that the first book is now available!

It’s launching properly in January, and is available to pre-order from Amazon now, but as one of my beloved readers, there are already several ways that you can get the book, including in the Urban Fantasy Academy 20 Book Pack, where you can get 20 Academy books in one, convenient pack.

But if you plan on getting it, do it fast! The deal ends in the next 30 hours!

As with all of my books, it’s also available to Patreon supporters, as they’re always the first to get my new books.

And I’ve also made it available to buy direct from me, which means getting it in any format you want, DRM-free.

Or if you would rather get a taste of the book before reading the whole thing, there is also a preview of the first several chapters available to read.

And a free prequel novella, if you want a free taste, but you also want it in the form of a complete book.

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