Freya Snow – A YA Urban Fantasy Series

Freya Snow is a YA urban fantasy series, following a sarcastic, bisexual, autistic angel from her early teens right up to adulthood as she tries to find her place in the magical world.

Hunt (Freya Snow: Book One)

Checklist for your first day at a new high school: headphones; the darkest eyeliner you can find; and plenty of protection runes to keep demons at bay.

Freya Snow isn’t here to make friends. She also wasn’t here to fight demons, but some things you don’t get a choice in.

Getting through the social hell of high school would have been hard enough without a ghost appearing to tell Freya that she’s not human, has magic, and demons are out for her blood.

For the first time in her life, Freya wishes she had someone watching her back, but the only person she hasn’t managed to chase off already is Damon, the other new kid with enough secrets of his own that Freya doesn’t feel so weird keeping the magical side of her life from him.

But Damon’s secrets might be just as deadly as Freya’s as his father, the man who abused him for years, makes an appearance just as the demons on Freya’s trail get a power boost from a mysterious benefactor.

Will the two lonely teens learn to trust each other, or will their secrets tear them apart?

HUNT is the first book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series, which starts out as YA and follows Freya’s magical adventures into adulthood. If you like kick-ass, sarcastic heroines, immersive magical worlds beneath our own, and love that crosses the lines of magical feuds, then you’ll be instantly hooked on L.C. Mawson’s fast-paced urban fantasy series.

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The Freya Snow Short Story Collection

Follow Freya Snow's adventures between Books One and Two.

This collection of short stories fills in the gaps between the first two Freya Snow books with a variety of shorts which show Freya learning more about how to use her powers as well as the development of her friendship with Damon.

(This collection should be free everywhere, but Amazon sometimes charges people. The issue is being dealt with, but in the meantime, there is also a BookFunnel link so that you can get the book for free on your Kindle if there's a problem.)

White (Freya Snow: Book Two)

Demons were simple. Freya could handle Demons. Fae? Not so much.

Finishing her GCSEs should have been a cause for celebration for Freya Snow, the now renowned Demon hunter. Especially with her guardian promising to show her the rest of the city's magical community.

But when a girl runs from prom at midnight, losing her shoe, and another pricks her finger and falls into a coma, it becomes clear that they're acting out fairy tales.

When her foster mother sends an assassin to kill her and retrieve her heart, Freya realises that she's under the curse too.

And she's playing Snow White.

Someday her prince may come, but Freya's not big on waiting.

WHITE is the second book in the Freya Snow YA fantasy series.

Wings (Freya Snow: Book Three)

Freya thought being in love with her best friend was hell. Finding out he was a Demon was worse.

With her guardian having let slip about her true lineage and her sister having left town after returning for a single day to deliver a cryptic warning, Freya couldn't remember when she last felt more alone.

To make matters worse, something has upset the balance of magic in the town. Now unicorns and Demons roam the streets without a care for the humans who might see them.

Freya's mother gave her life to keep magic a secret, but she's not exactly jumping to do the same.

An Angel might be the only thing that can stop it now. If only they weren't extinct...

WINGS is a YA paranormal romance novel with a dash of sci-fi.

The Freya Snow Pup Trilogy: Books 1-3

This collection brings together the first three books in the Freya Snow series, alongside the short story collection. This handy collection makes it easy to get started on the series and is cheaper than buying all of the books separately.

The collection is also available for free from BookFunnel.

Oracle (Freya Snow: Book Four)

What good is free will when you have no options?

Ever since Freya lost a week of her memory, she has been starting to burn out. Her grades are tanking, she can't sleep for dreams of the Shadow Realm, and she hasn't so much as spoken to Damon since they broke up.

So, when Fate gives her the opportunity to get out of the city to hunt down a missing Oracle, Freya jumps at the chance to leave.

But Freya quickly starts to get the feeling that the Oracle doesn't want to be found, and that Fate may not be all that she seems.

When faced with the one being more powerful than her, all Freya has left is her wits. The question is, does she still remember how to use them?

Witch (Freya Snow: Book Five)

Ignoring magical politics was so much easier when it wasn’t killing her friend.

Freya’s first “real world” job is somehow going well. Pouring coffee is nothing compared to killing Demons, and she actually gets along with her co-worker Sarah. Though, it probably doesn’t hurt that Sarah’s a Witch.

But when Sarah is cursed, it’s up to Freya to figure out who’s behind it, before Sarah suffers permanent damage. Or worse.

When everyone else seems to put politics ahead of Sarah’s life, Freya’s going to have to break more than a few rules to save her friend.

Witch (Freya Snow: Book Five)

When magical beings start to disappear, it's up to Freya to figure out who's behind it. The problem? Her girlfriend is the prime suspect.

As far as Freya knew, the only downside to dating the new girl in town was that she was human and wouldn't really get Freya's whole magical vigilante thing.

But when Freya catches her girlfriend, Alex, holding her own against a demon, things don't quite add up.

With a recent bout of scarily efficient abductions, everyone's got Enhanced on the mind, the genetically-engineered human soldiers that fought magic last time it was exposed.

But they were wiped out, weren't they?

When all the evidence points to Alex, Freya will have to choose between the woman she loves and the people she swore to protect.

The Freya Snow Hammer Trilogy: Books 4-6

This collection brings together the second trilogy in the Freya Snow series. This handy collection makes it easy to catch up on the series and is cheaper than buying all of the books separately.

Freya Snow - The Beginning: Books 1-6

This collection brings together the first six books in the Freya Snow series. This handy collection makes it easy to catch up on the series and is cheaper than buying all of the books separately or buying the first two trilogy boxsets.

Reaper (Freya Snow: Book Seven)

When most students go backpacking across Europe, it's not because they're on the run from both the magical and genetically enhanced human authorities...

Freya and Alex are supposed to be keeping their heads down. They've managed to upset both the Council of Light and the Enhanced, and both are after their heads.

But when a Vampyre approaches them in a small French town, looking for someone who can cure a dying Reaper, neither of them can turn away from someone in need.

The question is, can they save him before their enemies catch up with them?

Book Eight: Trident

How can you avoid your birthright when assassins seem determined to push you back towards it?

When Freya met back up with her friends after a year on the run, the last thing she expected was for one of Melody's relatives to start sending assassins after her.

Melody's mother was the Primary Heir to a great house of Atlantis, but she gave up her claim to come to Earth with her husband. She died trying to take back her inheritance after her family collapsed to infighting, but Melody never wanted to follow in her footsteps.

Despite being a hybrid, she is still the greatest threat to her uncle's power, and he won't let her ignore her birthright any longer.

TRIDENT is the eighth book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook retailers.

Book Nine: Kingsguard

When Lord Uther targets her family, Freya finds herself with nowhere to go...

The only people she has left to turn to tell her to let it go, despite the fact that Uther has made it clear that he won't stop until Freya's dead.

But when an old friend reappears and Lord Uther's son contacts her, wanting her help to fight his father, Freya might not be as alone as she thought.

KINGSGUARD is the ninth book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook retailers.

Books 7-9 Collection

When everyone's convinced she's dangerous, Freya has no option but to run. The thing is, she's not entirely sure they're wrong...

Follow Freya Snow, a sarcastic, fugitive Angel, through her third trilogy of adventures as she runs from the law, fights assassins in Atlantis, and faces off against an elite Demon squad.

After almost destroying a city, Freya is forced to flee with her girlfriend, but escaping trouble isn't so easy.

When assassins come for Freya's friend Mel, Freya has to accompany her to Atlantis to fight for her birthright.

When Lord Uther sends men to kill Freya, she finds an unlikely ally in his son, who wants to stop his father at any cost.

This collection includes books seven to nine - Reaper, Trident and Kingsguard - of the Freya Snow urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook retailers.

Book Ten: Princess

Avoiding magical politics was so much easier before Freya started dating the heir to the Demon throne...

Of course, it would be even easier if her best friend hadn't also started working for the Council of Light to track down someone who could potentially replace him while acting as their puppet.

Being caught between both sides was exhausting, especially when Freya lets slip a secret that could bring everything crashing down...

PRINCESS is the tenth book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook retailers.

Book Eleven: Queen

Finding her father had been all she had ever wanted, but can he truly live up to her childhood daydreams?

Going to the Underworld was the best way Freya could see to stop Lord Uther, but that would also mean finally meeting her father.

Something she had been avoiding for years.

Now with the man finally in front of her, will she regret her wasted time? With Lord Uther out for blood, Freya's not sure that she'll even get the chance to know...

QUEEN is the eleventh book in the Freya Snow urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook stores.

Trapped - A Freya Snow Prequel

Lily Snow awoke in a medical facility with no memory of who she was or how she came to be there, bloodied and battered.

She’s told that she was attacked by magical beings, simply for being human. She’s told that she’s there for her own protection. She’s told that the medicine she’s taking is to help her recover.

But as her memories start to return, she’s not so sure that any of that is true. Not to mention the ghost who keeps appearing, and telling her to get out.

Before it’s too late.

Trapped is a prequel to the Freya Snow YA urban fantasy series and is available from all major ebook retailers.