I thought, what with there being so many now, that I would do a quick overview of all of the books I have out, as well as the books I have planned for the rest of 2016.


The Snowverse is my urban fantasy universe, including all of the books following the Snow family, as well as their friends and enemies.

Freya Snow


Freya Snow is a YA/NA series following an Autistic, bisexual Angel who fights Demons and gets drawn into saving the world every so often.

The fifth book, WITCH, is currently available for preorder, and will be the last Freya Snow book out this year.

Lily Snow


TRAPPED is a novella following Lily Snow, Freya’s mother. It’s a prequel to the Freya Snow series, though there’s no real reading order for it. I wrote it about the same time as WINGS, so that’s probably about as good a place as any to read it, but it doesn’t really matter.



FATE is a collection of short stories following Alice, Freya’s adoptive sister, and is available for free to people who join my newsletter. A new story is added with every new Freya Snow book.

The Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone Chronicles

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time will know the saga of Lady Ruth. A trilogy of steampunk novellas that took me far too long to finish and that has been in editing hell for months now. I still hold out hope that the books will be released before the end of the year but, for now, you can start reading on Wattpad.

Phoenix Saga

Prequel Cover 5

Phoenix Saga is my adult space opera series. I don’t have plans to release any completed Phoenix Saga books until next year, at least, but the first few chapters of the prequel are currently available to read on Wattpad.





You know, this wasn’t even going to be the post today. I was going to write about the technical aspects of meltdowns and shutdowns.

But The Accountant is coming out and there have been social media rumblings, so I thought I would instead wade into the waters of Good, Bad, and Morally Grey characters.

This is gonna be an issue with any minority group. You’re going to be coming up against positive and negative stereotypes that you don’t want your work to contribute to. And yes, positive stereotypes can be harmful as well.

Bad Guys

This is where The Accountant comes in. I see a lot of people rail against autistic bad guys in fiction because of the stereotype that autistic people are violent/dangerous, but I think that’s an overgeneralisation.

The stereotype isn’t just that we’re killers (autism seems to be the new hotness when it comes to explaining violent crimes, such as mass shootings), but that we’re capable of such acts of violence because we lack empathy.

I’ve been meaning to write a revised empathy post, but for now let’s simply say that autism =/= lack of empathy, and lack of empathy =/= tendencies towards violence.

In all honesty, using a lack of empathy to explain why bad guys are bad is just lazy writing.

Bad guys aren’t just “bad”. Evil is not a thing people are born into. But this Key Stage One Reading Level style of writing remains. Lazy writers have just replaced “evil” with “psychopath” (doesn’t exist), “sociopath” (also doesn’t exist), and “autistic”.

Even if someone didn’t care about other people and had no empathy towards them, why would they turn to evil/crime? Why risk prison or getting involved with criminals?

“Because I don’t feel bad about it” isn’t a good enough reason to have a character commit crimes. It lacks motive.

Motive is important. Your bad guys should have it.

What do they want and how desperate are they?

Have they been indoctrinated into thinking that their targets aren’t real people?

“Because I grew up in a society where X type of person wasn’t valued” is a better reason for why they felt it was okay to kill someone than “Just because.”

Or “I was simply desperate enough and they were standing in my way.”

Your bad guys can be autistic, but being autistic can’t be the reason they’re bad guys.

Good Guys

Now, your counterpoint to the previous section may be “Fine, then I’ll just write about pure and innocent autistic characters who never do any wrong.”

Yeah, no, that’s too far in the other direction.

Specifically, there’s a line of thinking about a lot of developmentally disabled people that they have no ability to be consciously bad (if they are bad it’s all the autism – much like the devil possessing a child in a horror film – and isn’t actually anything to do with the autistic person making a choice) because they don’t understand right and wrong/are eternal children and therefore innocent.

If you write a character who is good and pure and who has never had a bad thought in their life… Well, that’s just not very realistic. So, instead of demonising your character, you’ve dehumanised them by denying them human thoughts/feelings.

Even Superman – the best of the good guys – has bad days.

Morally Grey Guys

The stereotype that is probably most likely to fall into the morally grey archetype is the manipulator. The character who, for either good or their own gain depending on their mood, will lie to their friends with no qualms simply because they can.

And I don’t know with this one. It’s definitely not an “avoid with all costs” scenario, because I’ve seen it done well (Sherlock in Elementary springs to mind).

But I also think that it comes back to the autism =/= lack of emapthy and lack of empathy =/= being evil/a dick/having a complete lack of any emotion problem.

This is done well when the reason behind the manipulation is explained. It doesn’t have to be romanticed or brushed aside, but it can’t just be for the lulz. It has to be a reaction to something. An emotion/situation that the character doesn’t otherwise know how to deal with.

This is best done in Elementary when Watson calls Sherlock on his shit and he is remorseful and apologises. It works because it’s a flaw of his character, not an unchanging constant that can never be addressed. It’s not just “the way he is”, it’s a maladaptive coping mechanism.

So yeah, I guess the part to avoid here is simply the “with no qualms” part. At least, in the long run. If your autistic character grows and changes then you’re already ahead of, like, 95% of writers.

Alright, well, I guess that’s it for now…

I might think of more points and do a follow up post, but I think this will do for this one.

I will get to working on that post about shutdowns/meltdowns, and I’m also going to put together a masterpost, including all of the links to my posts and to any other resources I know of.

So, I started my MA two weeks ago.

It’s been… interesting. Mostly because I thought I was over my iron deficiency and stopped taking my tablets. Learned that lesson the hard way…

Anyway, the major feeling I’ve come away with over the past couple of weeks is Bloody Hell Am I Young.

The fact that I wear Yu-Gi-oh t-shirts probably doesn't help...

The fact that I wear Yu-Gi-oh t-shirts probably doesn’t help…

Which I hate. I’ve always hated feeling young. I hate the way people treat you when they perceive you as young. I hate the increased possibility of condescension. I hate feeling left out because I don’t have any meaningful life experiences to talk about.

Of course, whenever I talk about work, it becomes obvious that I do have meaningful life experiences to talk about. I’m a mother-flipping author!

But I hate talking about my work.

I know, right? I’m an author who hates talking about being an author. WTF?

But… It kind of feels like a lie?

I mean, it’s not a lie. I am an author. But people kind of assume things about authors. About the level of success that a published author must have. Now, their assumptions are on them, not me, but it still feels misleading to say “I’m an author”.

Even though I am…

Or it feels like bragging. It feels like I’m saying it to impress them, rather than telling the truth. I’m sure there’s some gendered BS in there somewhere… (says the sociology student)

So instead of talking about my writing, or running a business, I instead sit in silence while others talk about their kids or living abroad.

Maybe I’ll mention something I did in high school or the fact that I play D&D, but that just makes me feel even younger…

But then the question becomes When will I be ready to call myself an author?

Once I’ve sold 5,000 books?


Once I have 500 fans on my email list?


How many Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook followers before I feel legit?

Maybe I won’t feel legit until some trad-pub gatekeeper is at my door.

Maybe I won’t until I can quit my hypothetical day-job (oh the joys of being a student).

Maybe I won’t until I’ve got a Bestseller title to my name.

But that’s all ridiculous.

I wrote and published a book.

That makes me an author.

Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for the next goalpost and accept the title.

Otherwise, when will I?


Want to read the first three Freya Snow books for free?

I’m currently doing a giveaway of the Pup Trilogy (the first three books, including the short stories) on Goodreads. Just follow this link to enter.

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, the Goodreads paperback giveaway is only available to people in the US, UK or Canada.

But if you live elsewhere, or just prefer ebooks, you can get the ebook version for free by following this link.

Both of these giveaways will end on the 14th of October 2016, but if you missed them, you can always get the first book for free here, and you can get access to review copies of my books here.

One of the most difficult parts of being disabled, I think, is the lack of consistency.

I like consistency. Hell, liking consistency is a trait of a couple of my disabilities (autism and anxiety).

But life is rarely ever consistent when you’ve got a disability (or lots of them…).

You want to say to people “Well, based on my abilities in the past month, I think that this will be possible,” but you have no idea if one month will look like the last.

So, this summer I decided to dedicate myself to righting the ship. Over the past year, I have let a lot of things slide. Writing Autistic updates have been months apart, my YouTube videos have been dead since before Christmas, the fourth Freya Snow book has been pushed back by a month or more…

But it all seemed doable. Once I had my marks and I knew I would graduate with a 2:1, my anxiety dropped off and I had all of the free time in the world until the end of September.

So, I started the Summer Write-a-thon, I started a new Tumblr, I committed to being consistent with my Facebook page, I said I would post videos on YouTube throughout August…

And then last month I got a stomach bug.

Not surprising when you have an anxiety disorder. My immune system is a mess.

It wasn’t really a big deal. I mean, it wasn’t pleasant, and it might have actually been cholera (one of my lecturers had just come back from India with it and I had seen her the day before), but it came and went in a couple of days. The problem was that, while I was vomming up my insides, I couldn’t take one of my medications.

It was only for a couple of days. It shouldn’t have been a big deal, right?

Well, it’s now roughly a whole month later and my medication still hasn’t gone back to doing its job properly. In fact, at this point, I probably would have been better off not taking it at all.

So, now I’m tired all of the time. I’m not physically tired. I can still go for walks to catch Pokemon and I don’t much feel like sleeping. But it’s a mental lethargy. One that feeds into my dyslexia and dyspraxia, making writing coherent sentences a nightmare.

I’m drinking as much caffeine as I dare, to keep my concentration, but too much and I start having panic attacks.

But I’d promised that I would tackle all of these things. Because if my disabilities had stayed in the same state they were in a month ago, I would have been able to do it.

But they didn’t, and now I’m staring at my computer screen, unable to write more than a couple of words. I’m downing Coke Zero, and it’s barely touching me, just fuelling the anxiety around not being able to do things.

It’s one of those odd things that no one really teaches you about being disabled. Learning that there is no consistency. You can’t predict what you’ll be like a week from now. You can guess from outside factors. Obviously, when I go back to uni, I’ll probably have a spike in anxiety for a while. But beyond obvious external factors (that you know are coming) you can’t predict anything. And that can get more than a little frustrating…


So, I’m starting this thing I’m calling the Hunt Rewrite Project.

Basically, the first Freya Snow book is a little out of whack with the rest of the series. It’s not bad. The writing style is just inconsistent. The main reason for that is that HUNT represented a return to original fiction after a long time writing fanfics. So, I was determined that my writing style not seem fanfic-y.

Of course, that’s absurd. It’s clearly absurd because I’ve slipped back into my usual writing style in the following books and peoples’ opinions of the series have only gotten better. I hurt myself by trying to be “better” than my fanfic. Which is doubly ridiculous, because I mostly got the confidence to return to original fiction by my fanfic fans telling me that I should!

So, I’m rewriting the first book to be more in-line with the rest of the series. Nothing about the plot of the book will change. The world-building won’t change, but there are a couple of things I’m bringing forward for the audience (not Freya) from books two and three, just for clarity. If you’ve already read the rest of the series, you won’t have any reason to go back and read the new version.

(If you want to, of course, you’ll just need to re-download it from whichever site you bought it from when I upload the new version. For purists, I’ll have the old version for download indefinitely on this site.)

For now, I’m uploading the chapters as I write them to Wattpad and my Tumblr. I’m looking for as much feedback as possible, to tell me if it’s actually better than the original version.

(Obviously, the original version was beta read and edited, and this one won’t be until it’s finished, so there may be minor typos, etc.)

I’ll also be redoing the covers for the series once the new version of HUNT is released properly. So I thought I would let you guys in on the process of creating the new cover for HUNT, as well as revealing it.

(I’m not promising that I won’t wake up tomorrow and tweak it a little, but this is the finished version for now.)


Step 1: While on holiday, I logged onto Amazon and looked up the most popular books in YA urban fantasy, noting down the key elements. As you might expect, it was back to the camera, with a dark background, and enough were illustrated that I decided to go that route. So, I sketched a quick mock-up, deciding to focus on Freya’s magic and the combat in the books, not wanting it to be mistaken for a Twilight look-alike (a very real trouble with writing a YA urban fantasy).

Step 2: Once back home, I logged onto my computer and first set up the typography. This is just my personal preference so that I know the scale of the drawing going in.

Step 3: I use Clip Studio Paint (formerly Manga Studio) for all of my artwork. It’s ridiculously cheap compared to Adobe products and it has a few cool features, like pose-able 3D models for reference. I moved this model into position, mimicking the sketch cover as best I could, while also doing my best not to have the eye drawn to Freya’s butt (which I realised became a real problem in my sketches for later books where I had her in jeans – I now know why all of the models on those covers are wearing long dresses).

Step 4: I sketched around the model, adding clothing and hair as I went.

Step 5: I added a quick reference for the water, making sure that nothing was in the way of anything else.

Step 6: I filled in the sketch with a base colour.

Step 7: I added basic, flat colour to Freya and got rid of the outline.

Step 8: I added shading, highlights, and detail to Freya. There are three ways in which I broke canon here. This is supposed to be her in the final fight of the book, wearing the Witches’ combat outfit that Evelyn gave her. 1) Her hair is supposed to be in a plait, but this looked cooler. 2) The parts of the belt for storing vials is empty when Freya goes into battle. But this looked cooler. 3) She actually sustained the would on her back in the earlier fight, and I exaggerated it to make it more obvious on the cover. I decided to have her have this wound in this outfit just to make it look cooler. The exaggerated wound wouldn’t be a problem, but that wound would have cut through her bra, which it doesn’t do in the book, because holy hell, can you imagine having to fight without a bra?! Freya is not a flat-chested girl. But, again, most people will see this cover in thumbnail form on online storefronts like Amazon, so exaggerating makes sense. Basically, I broke from canon for the sake of cool. Which, as a former fanfic writer, I am perfectly fine with.

Step 9: I properly added the water.

Step 10: I finished off the background, making it darker and making Freya glow. Which is a thing that Angels do, though I’m not sure that that’s in the books yet. It will definitely be, but I can’t remember when it first comes up. Sometime before Book 6…

Okay, well, I hope you liked that little look behind the scenes. If you want to see the rest of the new covers as I finish them, you should sign up to my newsletter because that’s how I’ll be releasing them first.



I’m back with a vengeance, people. Here’s how it’s going down.


Starting tomorrow (because I started drinking on the plane home), I am doing a proper launch of CanonAuties. This means regular updates on all of the canonical autistic characters out there.


So, I stopped posting to YouTube because my editing software broke and I got chubby. But no more! I am going to re-record my review of On the Edge of Gone and upload it in the next week, and then I plan to vlog all throughout August, so subscribe for that goodness here.

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The Hunt Rewrite

I’m rewriting the first Freya Snow book. I’m not doing anything too drastic, I’m just hoping to clean it up a little. I’m posting (unedited) chapters on Wattpad and Tumblr when I finish them. This will probably precede a rebranding of the series (keep an eye out for new covers).

The Summer Write-a-thon

Still going, but I’ve added a spin-off mermaid romance (between Freya Snow books 6 and 7). So now I’m halfway through book 5 of 7.

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