Lady Ruth

Lady Ruth is Here!

CS Cover 2Hey, look, the first Lady Ruth book is now available on Instafreebie!

The series isn’t out yet, but it’s coming soon. As you may already know, I’m going to release all three books at once, as soon as the final book is done with editing.

But for now, the first book is already done, and it’ll be free when the trilogy releases, so I figured that I might as well share it with you all now.

For those of you who don’t know, Lady Ruth is about an autistic, ace/aro inventor in steampunk Victorian London who builds herself a robot husband to escape the threat of marriage.

Because robots.

So follow this link to get it and start reading!

Full blurb:

Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone never cared much for boys. She was too fixated on fashion or engines to give them much notice. An “inventor’s disposition” is how her uncle referred to it when she would forget basic necessities, like food or sleep. But proper ladies don’t spend their days reinventing the steam engine, so Lady Ruth’s uncle helped her to create a persona – The Owl: Britain’s greatest inventor. The Owl is sought after, but so is Lady Ruth, and making sure that she remains free to pursue her inventions may take every ounce of her cunning.

Freya Snow Lady Ruth The Phoenix Saga

A Quick Overview of Books Gone By and Books Yet to Come…

I thought, what with there being so many now, that I would do a quick overview of all of the books I have out, as well as the books I have planned for 2017.


Aspects is a YA sci-fi series following a group of alien-blooded warriors who are responsible for keeping the cities of humanity safe from the genetically engineered monsters that roam what remains of the Earth.

The first three books are currently available in ebook on Amazon, in Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback.

There is also a prequel novella available for free.


The Snowverse is my urban fantasy universe, including all of the books following the Snow family, as well as their friends and enemies.

Freya Snow

Freya Snow is a YA/NA series following an Autistic, bisexual Angel who fights Demons and gets drawn into saving the world every so often. The first nine books, as well as a short story collection, are available now.

The tenth book, PRINCESS, will be released January 2018.

Other Snowverse Titles

DISGRACED is a novella following the character of Lady Caroline from Freya Snow. It acts as a prequel to both Freya Snow and the series following Lady Caroline, The Royal Cleaner, and follows Caroline in her teenage years as she struggles against the darker side of Demonic politics.

TARGET is the first book in The Royal Cleaner series and is an f/f romance novel following Caroline between the sixth and eighth Freya Snow book as she tries to keep magic a secret, even from meddling human police.

REBEL is the first book in the Engineered Rebel series, which delves into the more sci-fi end of the Snowverse and follows a group of soldiers who were genetically engineered and trained since birth to fight magic as they start to question their purpose and whether magical beings are really the bad guys. It's recommended that this series is read after the first eight Freya Snow books for spoilers.

TRAPPED is a novella following Lily Snow, Freya's mother. It's a prequel to the Freya Snow series, though there's no real reading order for it. I wrote it about the same time as WINGS, so that's probably about as good a place as any to read it, but it doesn't really matter.

FATE is a collection of short stories following Alice, Freya's adoptive sister, and is available for free to people who join my newsletter. A new story is added with every new Freya Snow book.

CASTAWAY HEART is a trilogy of mermaid romance novels set around the time of TRAPPED. It's separate enough from the main plot of FREYA SNOW that it's not necessary to read the other to understand one. The entire trilogy is available now!

THE ALMOSTS is a trilogy of paranormal heist novellas which are best described as Saints Row III meets Breaking Bad meets Charmed. The trilogy will be released all at once in August 2017 and the first book is available now from instaFreebie.

The Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone Chronicles

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time will know the saga of Lady Ruth. A trilogy of steampunk novellas that took me far too long to finish and that were in editing hell for months. But now the entire trilogy is officially out!

Freya Snow Lady Ruth The Phoenix Saga

Join my Beta and/or ARC Teams

Want to read my books before anyone else? Want to do for the low, low price of letting me know if you spot a typo or leaving a short review?

I’m currently looking for more people to join my Beta and ARC teams. If you follow this link, it will take you to a form, where you can specify which teams you want to join and which series you want to read.

I look forward to having you on the teams!

Lady Ruth Writer's Sketchbook

Writer’s Sketchbook – Ivy

I am making an effort to be good at art!

Why? Because I am good at everything, and therefore cannot deal with being only slightly good at something. I figure I can either get pouty about it, or I can make an effort to do a little bit every day and improve like the rest of the world.

A demovtivational poster of the Pharoah from Yu-Gi-Oh pouting, with the caption
The Pharaoh is trying to convince me to go the other way, however.

So, here is me, being a little less terrible than I was yesterday. Smell that? That’s me bettering myself like a motherflippin’ champion.

I’m doing a lot of fanart as well, but I’m keeping that to myself, so you guys just get character sketches and stuff from my own work.

So, if you’ve been reading Lady Ruth and wondered what Ivy looked like, now you know.

Lady Ruth

Looking for Beta Readers – The Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone Chronicles

So, I’ve finally finished writing this trilogy of steampunk novellas. They still need a little editing from me, but once that’s done, I will need a handful of beta readers to give it a look for me.

Obviously, with the main character being ace/aro and me being not, any ace/aro betas would be awesome, to make sure I haven’t messed it up.

So, if you want to be a beta reader for Lady Ruth, just email me at

The email doesn’t have to be extensive. Just “Hey, I’ll beta,” and then I’ll ask how you want to read the books and we’ll go from there.