Lady Ruth Writer's Sketchbook

Writer’s Sketchbook – Ivy

I am making an effort to be good at art!

Why? Because I am good at everything, and therefore cannot deal with being only slightly good at something. I figure I can either get pouty about it, or I can make an effort to do a little bit every day and improve like the rest of the world.

A demovtivational poster of the Pharoah from Yu-Gi-Oh pouting, with the caption
The Pharaoh is trying to convince me to go the other way, however.

So, here is me, being a little less terrible than I was yesterday. Smell that? That’s me bettering myself like a motherflippin’ champion.

I’m doing a lot of fanart as well, but I’m keeping that to myself, so you guys just get character sketches and stuff from my own work.

So, if you’ve been reading Lady Ruth and wondered what Ivy looked like, now you know.