The Next Aspects Book is Up on Patreon and Maybe Other Ebook Stores?

Who is excited for the next Aspects book?

Because this one was hell to write, so I hope someone wants it... 😛

It's currently up on Patreon for Patreon supporters and will be up for everyone else... Soon? I've been sick, so Patreon supporters were the top priority, but I'll probably wait at least another week before sending it to everyone.

Also, this series is available everyone through my Patreon - all $3+ Patreon supporters get access to DRM-free PDF, EPUB and MOBI ebook files of the books before they're released for everyone else - but in terms of major ebook stores, the books are only available on Amazon. Basically, Amazon only allows you to be in Kindle Unlimited (their subscription program) if your books are exclusive to Amazon. Putting this series into KU was an experiment because it's not unusual for me to get upset emails/reviews from KU subscribers, upset that they can't get my other books in KU.

But the experiment hasn't had brilliant results. Not bad results, but unimpressive enough that I would be willing to call the experiment quits early. The original plan was to take the books out of KU and make them available on all other ebook stores a few months after the last book came out but the books can be pulled out next month, and if people want that, I'd be willing to do it, so I have put a poll below for people to vote on whether or not you want the books in KU or everywhere else.

Of course, voting with your wallet is a little bit louder. If there is a spike in either KU reads of my books, or sales on other platforms, that will play a large part in my decision.

But here is the poll as well:

Should the Aspects series be available in Kindle Unlimited or Kobo/iBooks/Nook/etc.

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