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TRIDENT is Now Here!

So, the thing that I really like about this releasing a book a month thing is that I don’t really stop. It’s like my ADHD has manifested as a publishing schedule.

So, starting in the middle of the month, I have all of this build-up to next month’s book.

Like, making sure the advanced review team has their copies and making last minute tweaks to the cover and organising pre-orders and stuff.

This goes on for about two weeks, and then the 1st of the next month comes along and, well, here it is!

The book is out there!

And I just have a couple of days of, like, huh… I did it.

It’s like this weird moment of calm before I go back to worrying if I’ll finish editing next month’s book in time.

I think I’ll spend it playing video games this time…

Anyway, TRIDENT is now here and you can download and read it immediately if you want!

I’m not doing paperbacks for Freya Snow for a little while. There’s a thing in the pipeline that’ll mess them up, so I’ve got to wait until after that. Though, I will be working on getting paperbacks for Castaway Heart up soon.

If you need to catch up on the series, The Pup Trilogy (Books 1-3) will be 99c for the next week, but I will then be bringing the price up again. For now, it’s the cheapest way to catch up.

And buying Books 4-6 in the boxset is cheaper than buying them individually, but if you already have some of them, I’ve also included the individual links.


Books 1-3

Books 4-6

Book 4

Book 5

Book 6

Book 7

And Now:

Book 8

Next month’s release will be another spin-off trilogy, so the first book will be released early via instaFreebie. Keep an eye on your inbox for that announcement.

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