Hey, Do You Want More Books in the Lady Ruth Universe?

Okay, so, if you're on my Lady Ruth newsletter, you probably already know this, but I was supposed to write a newsletter-exclusive epilogue short story to the series.

Which I did.

Only, it wasn't so much an epilogue, as it was a prologue for an entirely new series set in the 1920s.

I kind of really want to write this series, but I want to know just how much people actually want to read it before I make any real in-roads into development.

So, I've released the short story to the Lady Ruth newsletter with the caveat that it is canon for now, but if people want me to write the series proper, it will be removed from canon and replaced with the new series, which will be slightly altered. For example, the romance will be far more of a slow burn and I'll probably change Lu's name, given that it was originally a call back to the meta-fiction of the Lady Ruth books, but that quickly becomes weird with a full-blown story for reasons...

If you haven't read the short story, here's a link to join the Lady Ruth newsletter and get it.

If you have, here's a poll on whether or not you would read a full fleshed out series based on the idea:

If This Short Story Was Fleshed Out Into a Full-Blown Series, Would You Read It?

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5 replies on “Hey, Do You Want More Books in the Lady Ruth Universe?”

I try first book in series, but gotta admit I have not read the Lady Chapelston books yet, as I have so many others to read first….I DO plan to read it, just not yet. Sorry had about 10 new books in other series I had to read first! So many books, so little time!

Just finished both the main book and the epilogue…..Yes I would read it if it was continued!

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