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Lucy Has Opinions – 2016

Thinking about years from the Gregorian calendar perspective is weird for me.

I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life in academic institutions with no break (and hopefully will continue this trend for three more years).

For me, new year is meaningless. It’s arbitrary. It’s a time when I wear headphones to avoid the noise of fireworks and maybe have a drink before being pressured to stay up past my preferred bedtime.

For me, the new year starts in September. It always has.

But who the hell is going to read a new years resolution post in September?

To start with, let’s have a quick look back to 2015 when I published my first book! Hunt coming out has been an incredible experience, especially with all of the positive feedback it’s been getting. I just hope it continues with the second book.

Alright, so, what’s ahead for 2016?

  1. Graduating
    This is the last year of my BA, and I’m hoping to graduate with a 2:1. It’s definitely going to be strange to leave the undergrad world behind, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.
  2. Starting a Masters Degree
    With the completion of my BA, I will most definitely be avoiding the world of work like the plague. This means hopefully starting a Masters in sociology, where I can continue looking at autism through that lens.
  3. Continuing to Grow on YouTube
    I love the little Tumblr community I’ve built up and it’s happily ticking along, so while I would be happy to reach 2500 followers by the end of 2016, I want to focus more on doubling the number of subscribers I currently have on YouTube.
  4. Publishing the Next Four Freya Snow Books
    Yep. The next four. I’m hoping to have a three month gap between each, with the second one coming out in February. The initial trilogy (the series will be divided into four trilogies) should be out by early summer, with the second finishing in early 2017. If you haven’t read the first Freya Snow book, it’s now available for free to those who subscribe to my newsletter.
  5. Starting Two New Writing Projects
    Yep. You read that right. On top of the four Freya Snow books, I’m hoping to also publish the first two novellas in the Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone Chronicles and to get the first novel in a sci-fi romance series out (though I’m currently torn between a YA and an adult idea). Don’t worry about me taking on too many projects, though, I have decided that I’ll only ever have three series running at once and I’ll alternate between release dates so that no series goes untouched for too long.

So, that’s my plan for 2016. What about you guys? Have anything exciting planned? Any resolutions to stick to? Let me know in the comments below and happy new year!

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My goal for 2016 (I hesitate to call it a resolution because those have a reputation for failing and I’d hate to jinx anything) is to finish writing my first novel. Ideally I’d like to if the writing before I turn 20 in September and start figuring out the publishing aspects, but since I have no idea about how to go about that stuff and I don’t want to jinx myself by getting too caught up in publishing stuff when I’m not done putting my thoughts into Microsoft word, I’m leaving the publishing stuff out of the New Year’s goal.

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