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Writing Autistic – Autistics, Introverts, Socially Anxious, and People Who Hate People – What’s the Difference?

It seems like a lot of writers treat autism, being an introvert, being socially anxious, and hating other people as a package deal.

Sometimes, they choose between the last two, but the first two are a must.

But these things are all separate parts of someone’s make-up and so need to be treated differently.

So, what’s the difference between them and how do they influence how someone chooses to interact with people?


Being Autistic does not have the same effect as being an introvert, but a lot of people write it like it does. Being around people doesn’t necessarily drain your batteries, acting neurotypical does. An Autistic person who doesn’t feel the need to act neurotypical around someone, won’t be drained around that person due to their autism.

Autistic people probably won’t often enjoy, and might avoid, situations where they have to act neurotypical.


Being an introvert means that your social batteries are drained by being around other people, and you have to be alone to recharge.

Being an extrovert means that your social batteries recharge around other people, and being alone will drain them.

Some Autistics are introverts, and some are extroverts, though extroverted Autistics will still be drained by having to act neurotypical.

Introverts might not linger in social situations, or might avoid them altogether, if their social batteries are low.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is when you experience fear in social situations, along with worries of being judged or evaluated by others.

Many Autistic people have this, because they have been judged in the past due to their autism, and so fear it happening again.

However, this is not synonymous with autism. Some Autistics are perfectly confident in social situations.

People with social anxiety are likely to be terrified in social situations and might try to avoid them if possible.

Hating People

People are the worst and people who hate people know it. Other people get on their nerves and they are not a fan.

Anyone can hate other people. Autistic people might get to that point if they’re surrounded by non-understanding neurotypicals all the time.


I do. I embody all of these things, but then, I’m a hate monster from the bottom of the ocean who just wears the skin of a nice young woman.

And that’s pretty unusual.

Originally posted to on 18/7/15.

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