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Writing Autistic and FAQ

If any of you know me from, welcome!

To any of you who don’t, also welcome!

Quick FAQ:

Are you moving here permanently from MyAutisticPoV?

My Autistic PoV will always exist. And I don’t mean that in a metaphorical, “in your heart” kind of way. I love that site.

Then why build this one?

Because I didn’t want My Autistic PoV to change, which meant that I had to expand. This will be my main website, and it will focus on my work as an author, while My Autistic PoV will continue to focus on… Whatever the hell it is I do over there. Yeah, hopefully this site will be cleaner and easier for fans of my fiction to use.

But what about Writing Autistic? Why is that in the title?

Writing Autistic will be moving here. What does that mean for Tumblr users? Pretty much nothing. I’ll link the post back to My Autistic PoV as soon as it goes live every week, and you can continue to reblog and like from there.

Wait, I don’t know you from My Autistic PoV. What’s Writing Autistic?

Writing Autistic is my weekly blog series on how to accurately write autistic characters. I’m hoping this will make research easier and less daunting for other writers, leading to an increase in well-written autistic characters.

What about your YouTube videos?

They’ll stay on YouTube. I’ll link here and on Tumblr every time I make a new video.

Wait, what YouTube videos?

I have a YouTube channel that I currently post to twice a week. On Mondays, I post reviews of autism in media and vlogs. On Fridays, I do Let’s Plays of games with autistic characters. Right now, I’m playing To The Moon, and once that’s done, I’ll move onto the Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC.

What’s this about an email list?

Simply, I want to be able to keep people who don’t regularly check their Tumblr updated on what has been going on. Every Tuesday, I’ll send out an email with links to that week’s Writing Autistic and YouTube video, along with any news on what’s going on with my fiction. Everyone on the list will be notified when Hunt releases, giving them an opportunity to pick it up in the first 48 hours, when it will be free. They will also get an exclusive, free Halloween short story, which will follow the events of Hunt.

Is that it?

That’s it.

Welcome to the site.

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