Wheel of Plot

Welcome to the Wheel of Plot!

So, what is the Wheel of Plot?

The Wheel of Plot is my way of saying thank you to my fans, while also doing my best to keep track of what people actually want from my books.

Basically, people use the form at the bottom of this page to add suggestions of what I should write in the future to the wheel. Anyone can add anything, though there are a few rules below.

Suggestions are then added to the Wheel.

(Of course, the Wheel can only hold 8 suggestions at once, so any more will be added to the queue, which will be used refill the wheel when needed.)

Then, every five reviews my books get between them on any platform, the Wheel is spun as thanks.

(AKA, the suggestions are numbered 1 to 8 from the arrow clockwise, and I have a random number generator give me the winner.)

Whichever suggestion wins will then be incorporated into a future project. If specific to a series/world, it will be added to that series/world. If not, I’ll decide which series/world I want to incorporate it into.

People will be informed of the progress of the suggestions through my newsletter and my Tumblr.

Wheel of Plot