Non-Friday Emails

Hey, so, I usually send out emails on a Friday, but there are a few exceptions to that rule, so if you got an email on a different day, here are the possible reasons:


I send out emails on Friday night, UK time, so if you live on the other side of the world, there’s a chance that you get them on Saturday morning.

Launch Emails

When I launch a book, I send out plain text emails on launch day just to let you know it’s up. This is to let you know as soon as possible!

Welcome/Where Did You Go? Emails

Whenever you join my mailing list (or sign up to a new segment of it, usually via one of my giveaways on Prolific Works, BookFunnel, or Story Origin), you’ll receive some welcome emails. These are sent on a schedule based on when you joined, not the day of the week, so these are sometimes not on Friday.

Also, if my mailing list system thinks that you haven’t been opening emails, I might check in to see if you still want to receive emails from me. Trust me, I know, I’m still subscribed to a bunch of newsletters from, like, 2009 that I just never bother to unsub from, so I figure if that’s the case, I can just unsub you from my end. Don’t worry, I’ll ask first, and if the problem is that you’re not seeing my emails – here’s some instructions to try to get around that problem.