Author and Aspiring Hermit

So, when I was a kid, I loved Star Trek. Which meant that for all of five minutes I wanted to be an astronaut. And then I realised that we're nowhere close to that kind of kick-ass space travel.

Then I wanted to be an actress so that I could maybe be on Star Trek one day. And then I realised that they wanted me skinny and I'd get no creative control.

I like chocolate and control too much for that nonsense.

So, at age sixteen, I sat down and wrote the first Snowverse novel.

It was terrible.

Five years and over a million words later, the first Freya Snow book was (hopefully) not so terrible. And now that I'm writing, don't expect me to ever shut up. I have way too many cool ideas for that, including, but not limited to: space ghosts, "would Twilight have been better with lesbians?", a sci-fi fantasy series that's solely gonna exist as an obscure reference to mid-2000s pop tunes, 1920s cyborgs...