The Aspects

The Aspects is a YA sci-fi series following a group of warriors with emotion-based superpowers who keep the walled cities of humanity safe from the alien monsters that roam the wastes beyond. The books are available exclusively on Amazon, but Patreon subscribers get DRM-free copies a month early.

Book One: Love/Hate

Claire had been on her own for so long, the last thing she expected was to fall in love.

Being chosen as the next in a long line of warriors protecting the cities of humanity from the alien monsters from the wastes was also unexpected.

Finding that her new position forbids her from seeing the girl she loves, despite the fact that her new powers are fuelled by those feelings of love? Yeah, that sounds about right...

As the creatures start venturing into the cities to hunt, Claire's only hope is to find something or someone to love before it's too late.

LOVE/HATE is the first book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series and is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Book Two: Justice/Loneliness

Peace was all well and good, but what was it truly worth without freedom?

Ever since the Aspect of Love had learned how to control the creatures that roamed the Wastelands, the Aspects hadn't been in any real danger. Love had been so worried about her life as an Aspect leading to her death, she was more than happy with that peace.

But when the Aspect of Loneliness falls pregnant, those who run the Aspect Program want to exercise the same control as ever: to stop any Aspect from being compromised.

With no threat, Love doesn't see why Loneliness has to give up her child, so she strikes a deal with those in charge: the Aspects will be allowed their freedom if they can reclaim an entire city from the creatures.

But when Love's powers start to fail, what originally seems like a simple task may be more dangerous than anticipated. Especially when a strange, masked woman starts appearing, with the same powers as Love.

Justice/Loneliness is the second book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series and is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Book Three: Empathy/Pain

To suddenly lose her powers was a curse to Claire. But to her sister? It was all she ever wanted...

Claire thought that she could live in peace, using her powers to reclaim more land from the wastes. But when a strange blue light appears and strips away her powers, she finds herself up against her toughest adversary yet.

And even worse, her sister doesn't want to destroy the technology making them vulnerable.

Without her powers, could Claire ever stand a chance against those who would see her dead?

EMPATHY/PAIN is the third book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series and is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Books 1-3 Collection

This box set collects together the first three books in the Aspects YA sci-fi series.


The last thing Claire expected was to be chosen as the next in a long line of alien-blooded warriors chosen to protect Earth from monsters. Especially not when she's been chosen as the Aspect of Love, and she's already dating the Aspect of Hate. Can their relationship survive Claire's new calling?


Claire was finally getting used to the dangers of the new job, but when unexpected news comes to the Aspect of Loneliness, she's reminded of just how little freedom her new life affords her. So, she strikes a deal with the Aspect Program: If she can reclaim an entire city from the Wastes, the Aspects will be given their freedom. The only problem? Claire's powers don't seem to want to work anymore.

With the reclaiming of lands from the Wastes now possible, Claire was sure that she was finally going to get the settled life she wanted. But with the aliens that once came to help them fight the monsters finally returning, and a mysterious blue light that strips the Aspects of their powers appearing, Claire's about to realise that that life might be even further than she thinks.

The Aspects Books 1-3 Collection is available from Amazon.

Book Four: Stability/Conflict

The last thing Claire wanted was to leave. The only thing Hate wanted was for her to stay...

Waking up to find that her girlfriend had left to claim her royal birthright on another planet sucked, though Hate wasn't sure if it sucked more or less than the fact that she was now down a leg and a pair of kidneys, her body having to make-do with cybernetic replacements as she tries to piece her life back together in Claire's absence.

As far as Claire was concerned, leaving was the hardest thing she had ever had to do. Or at least, it was until she finds herself thrown into the shark-infested waters of Rena politics.

Claire left Earth only to find that keeping herself and her sister safe would be harder than she thought. But at least everyone back home is safe now that she's gone... Right?

Stability/Conflict is the fourth book in the Aspects YA sci-fi series and is currently available on Amazon.