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The Start Reading Diverse Giveaway features over fifty books, all of which have diverse protagonists, from PoC, to LGBTQ+, to disabled characters.

All of these books are available for free and span multiple genres. Just click the covers to download your free books via Instafreebie.

Science Fiction
Third gender/genderfluid

In Earth's troubled future, a grieving third-gender human must rescue others like them from a galactic sex-trafficking ring--but their own government stands in the way.

New Adult Fantasy
Autistic Pansexual

Once betrothed to the Prince of the Underworld, and now disgraced, Lady Caroline of House Raven must fight to regain her house's honour, despite her complete lack of social skill.

When They Came
Young Adult Science Fiction
The protagonist is a person of color (Latina) and also bisexual

When They came, we thought they were our salvation. We were wrong.


Lure of the Riptide
Steampunk Mystery Thriller

Maliha Anderson prefers her own company but the body on the beach demands justice. But as she investigates she encounters greed, lust and prejudice in an intense cultural clash.

Prelude to Insurrection

Only a half-elf orphan can save the realm

Without You
Young Adult Romance
Latino characters & issues

When Ariana decides to go out with Carlos behind her parents' back, will she be able to keep it a secret? And deal with the consequences of Carlos's past?


The Whole Trying Thing
Romance, Literary, Contemporary
The protagonist is a latinx, possibly depressed, gay man

After everything starts to go wrong, Lucas has to choose between his best friend and his first serious boyfriend.

Finding Lizzie
One black/bi protagonist and one lesbian protagonist

To Catch a Spirit
Paranormal Romance
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

A psychic who's afraid of ghosts and a billionaire with a haunted past and a hidden power find that only love can catch a spirit.


Crimson Fire
PoC and LGTBQ+
#OwnVoices for LGBTQ+

She had magic at her fingertips, the world had other ideas.

North Oak #1: Born to Run
Young Adult

Murder. Money. Romance. At the speed of adrenaline.

Trans Liberty Riot Brigade
Science Fiction

How do you fight for WHO you are, when the government controls WHAT you are?


Mine For Always

Will she remain his for always?

Go Deep

Be free, be proud.

Living This Thing Called Life
Young Adult Romance
African American


The Paladin, Book 1 of The Nome Chronicles Preview
Young Adult Dystopian

The Pursual came to a tragic end but the season of upheaval might not be over.

The Pursual, Book 1 of The Nome Chronicles Preview
Young Adult Dystopian

When status stands in the way of true love, Invier is forced to participate in the Pursual competition for Neith's hand. Love and power are at stake but will the competition meant to bring them together pull them apart?

The Proem, Book 0.5 of The Nome Chronicles
Young Adult Dystopian Romance

How much will Neith sacrifice for love when she realizes she can no longer marry for status and wealth? Her heart wants Invier but she must find a solution that doesn't involve choosing between love and family.


Threads of Silk
All of the Characters are Chinese

From the bed of an Emperor, the heart of a Prince, and the right side of an Empress, Yaqian weaves her way through the most turbulent decades of China’s history and witnesses the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

Murder in the Forbidden City
All of the Characters are Chinese

When her sister is murdered, can Lady Li trust the man ordered to solve the crime?

A Magical Reckoning
Urban Fantasy
All five protagonist are WoC

Five Stories of Supernatural Betrayal.


Trespassing with Elena

While photographing an abandoned hotel outside Beijing, Elena runs into Ethan. Something about this guy draws her in deep, and she knows she won’t be able to resist.

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Superhero / Dystopian
British African

In a broken future of genetic corruption, CHLOE DARK'S closest friend vanishes, when no one can help she vows to save her friend on her own. But it doesn't take long for Chloe to become a target herself and, tested to breaking point, she finds the courage to ask WHO ARE THE REAL MONSTERS?

Wild Hope: Prequel to The Island Series
Urban Fantasy
Protagonist is Polynesian and the series is based on Polynesian and Cook Island mythology.

Kato lives for his tribe. Now he’s forced to abandon it.


Sundown Apocalypse 3: Homeland Defense
Black (Aboriginal), Lesbian, Gay, and Amputee Characters

The 'house rat' survivors set out to join Sundown's Commando on the edge of the Simpson Desert. Sergeant Nulla and his group find that the trek to sanctuary is not as safe as they'd hoped.

Sundown Apocalypse 4: Desert Strike
Black (Aboriginal), Lesbian, Gay, and Amputee Characters

What was supposed to be a holiday patrol to the hot springs on the Diamantina plains turns into a nightmare for the commando but a series of heroic sacrifices is needed to save them.

Pride of Africa
Paranormal Romance
The Leading Man is Half-British, Half-Kenyan

Can an American student and a Kenyan lion shifter find love on the hot savanna?


In the Tick of Time
Thriller, Mystery
N24 (non-24 circadian rhythm disorder)

Matt knew that solving the mysteries of the Buffalo Head cluster was a matter of life and death. He just didn’t know that it could be a matter of his own life and death.

Loose the Dogs
Thriller, Mystery

He never saw those dogs. How could anyone make such a stupid a decision, knowing what they did?

Vegas Rogues
Urban Fantasy
One of the co-narrators is a gay man.

When a shifter hunter is taken hostage by a group of vicious rogues, can his business partner save him before the rogues make an example of him?


An Unsubstantiated Chamber
Science Fiction, Steampunk

Heroes are dead. Long live the heroes.

Where We Were
Young Adult
One of the main characters is a lesbian

Our entire lives have been shaped around our identity as identical quadruplets. When our parents announce that we’ll been moving away from the city and back to the town where we were born, we can no longer be certain of anything but change.

Hispanic and gay

A movie set runner and the director that had to have him.


Electus per Deus
Thriller, Mystery
Two protagonists are lesbians

Inspired by a true South African murder mystery.

Tiger Lily

"A beautifully-written genderbending tale of rebellious girls, shifting disguises, and forbidden magic, set against the vivid backdrop of ancient Japan." --Tina Connolly, author of Ironskin

A Sea of Shattered Glass
Young Adult, Science Fiction
Of four POV characters, one is Filipina and two are Latino.

In the near future, four teens are trapped on a luxurious cruise ship with nowhere to run, no one to trust, and everything to lose.


A Dance of Dragons: Series Starter Bundle
Young Adult, Fantasy
The series has three main characters, two are female POCs, one from a fantasy society inspired by Native Americans and one inspired by Middle Eastern cultures.

An ancient evil awakens, three unlikely heroes rise, an age of myth is reborn. Try the A DANCE OF DRAGONS series today, perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kristin Cashore, and Tamora Pierce!

Dark Communion
Dark Fantasy
Lesbian Protagonists

A cursed line of Minotaurs has kept Ayla's people enslaved for 200 years. With nothing left to live for and a death sentence in her womb, Ayla trades her soul to a dark goddess for a chance to break the curse which keeps her people in chains.

Urban Fantasy
One Lesbian Protagonist and One Black Protagonist

A battle hardened heroine, a tortured young man and a last chance for survival.


DAVE! (A Novel from the Future) Parts 1-3
Science Fiction
Trans Woman

Can a group of misfits save the world from aliens in a post-Trump world?

Hawaiian Winter Heat
Contemporary Romance
Bisexual characters

Can love lost be found again?

Spaceship Broken
Young Adult Science Fiction
Pulmonary fibrosis

A young boy with pulmonary fibrosis meets a homeless alien and helps rebuild her ship so she can get off the planet, all while his family is falling apart.


My Name Is Hardly
Contemporary Literary Thriller

A beautiful girl goes missing and may not want to be found, A soldier is given his last and most important mission, A vow is made to a dying friend.

Babylon Working
New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
Aaron Styles is an Afro-Caribbean black boy of 17 who survives in a world run by a white supremacist dictatorship

It's World War III, and something is stirring under the Earth. The end of the world is just a beginning...

Questing for a Dream
Young Adult, Literary, Contemporary
Canadian Aboriginal

How can Nadie find her own place in a foreign world where she is abused and discriminated against, and for the first time in her life, completely alone?