Engineered Rebel

Engineered Rebel is a trilogy of sci-fi novels set within the Snowverse. They follow Alex from the Freya Snow series, with each book alternating with the Freya Snow books. The first book, REBEL, is set at the same time as the eighth Freya Snow book.

Rebel (Book One)

Alex was genetically engineered and trained from birth to hunt magical beings, but she left that life behind for the love of an angel.

But when fate, and Alex's former family, separate them, Alex is left with no choice. If she ever wants to be free - to stop running - she'll have to turn and fight those who raised her.

The question is, can she do it alone, or will she have to trust her former friends and siblings who may very well be spies for the enemy?

REBEL is the first book in the Engineered Rebel series and is part of L.C. Mawson's Snowverse.

Resist (Book Two)

They've won their first battle, but now the war begins...

With a base to now work out of, Alex and her team have to turn their focus to stopping the Enhanced for good. The problem? Alex isn't quite sure how to do that, and she's definitely not sure that she should be the one in charge.

But the Enhanced aren't just going to leave them be, and if Alex wants to be free of them, she'll have to step up, despite her fears.

RESIST is the second book in the Engineered Rebel series and is part of L.C. Mawson's Snowverse.

Rebuild (Book Three)

After losing most of their siblings, Alex, Gus and Hell have no idea where to go next...

Gus has left the Enhanced with Ty, his boyfriend, to try and find someone who can train him to use his magic. Alex has no idea what to do with what's left of her fractured team, and she's in love with a woman who doesn't want anything serious from her. And Hell is dreaming of dragons...

They may be ahead in the fight, but that won't last. Especially if they can't pull themselves together...

REBUILD is the third book in the Engineered Rebel series and is part of L.C. Mawson's Snowverse.

Engineered Rebel: Books 1-3

This collection brings together the first three books in the Engineered Rebel series.

Reconnect (Book Four)

Alex started this fight after being torn from the Angel she fell in love with, but what happens when they're reunited?

Angels don't lead peaceful lives and Alex soon finds herself pulled into an adventure with apocalyptic stakes as the rest of the rebels try to figure out their own places in the fight with her gone.

Is the rebellion ready to stand on its own without Alex, or will they crumble under the stress of the one fight they were never trained for?

RECONNECT is the fourth book in the Engineered Rebel sci-fi/urban fantasy series about genetically engineered assassins born to fight magic, who instead turn on their creators for the sake of their freedom.